Flemish Porcelain – Dresden Collectors

Flemish-Cabbage-on-white.jpgRegarding Flemish porcelain, the closest factory geographically was and is Meissen.  The techniques to which I most closely adhere are those of Meissen, also sometimes referred to as Dresden. Famous as the discoverer of European porcelain, long a closely guarded secret in China, the beauty of their hard paste, high fired porcelain is practically unsurpassed. Unique and wonderful were the exquisite over glaze colors they employe to decorate their works.

Dresden Grapes

In attempting to give my works an “old world” appearance, I use only 18th century color glazes rather than the newer formulas invented in the 19-21 centuries.  The color glazing is indeed arcane but surmountable with patience and perseverance.  It is most rewarding when my objects are mistaken as antique.  It is the greatest compliment when I am asked what period the work is from or which porcelain factory. I achieve this by concentrating on darker and more subdued colors that one would find in the paintings of old Dutch masters and Italian still life paintings in various, museums such as the Rijksmuseum, the Pitti Palace, the Academia in Venice to name but a few. Having studied art history in college has been one of my greatest learning tools. Dresden collectors love this unique hand-painted porcelain.

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