Holiday Table Decoration Ideas

Are you looking to brighten up your holiday decorations this year, whether it be in your home or office? Many people spend hours decorating with lovely live and blooming holiday fruits and vegetables, only to have their time consuming efforts wilt and die within a few days. Hand sculpted porcelain fruits and vegetables make a breathtaking alternative to typical hum-drum holiday decor.

Here are a few ways you can use delicate porcelain art to take make your typical holiday decorations a breathtaking site for visitors and for yourself!

Snyder's Mantlepiece1) Consider mixing classic holiday decor with hand-painted porcelain, a look that will make the season sparkle. We love adding fresh holly, cranberries and pinecones to porcelain garlands and mantelpieces, like the “Open Pomegranate Garlands” or the “Red Pear Mantlepiece.”  You can even add an extra twinkle to unique porcelain centerpieces by positioning small white sparkle lights around the porcelain piece.

2) Enhance your fireplace with porcelain pieces that are sure to make Santa says, “Wow!” Some of our favorite ways to decorate the mantelpiece include combining different porcelain pieces together, like using the “Double Pink Hollyhock” flowers as end caps to a holiday display or your Christmas stockings. This look creates a stunning framework around the fireplace that can be admired for years to come. Plus, it is an easy and effortless way to decorate!

Yellow Pomegranate Garland (2 Pieces)3) Need more holiday table decoration ideas? Holiday garlands are always a great way to enhance your piano or dining room table. Not your typical boring garland, decorative porcelain garlands make a fabulous statement piece that can be repurposed year-after-year. You can also reuse garlands for more than just one holiday, simply by surrounding them with different decor.

4) Use a stand out porcelain piece as a dining table centerpiece. Display a beautiful fall-themed “All American Pumpkin” at the center of your table during Thanksgiving, or add a beautiful “Natalia Asparagus” to spice up a dinner party table. Either way, a unique porcelain piece will stand out more than any other common holiday table decoration.

Handmade and hand overglazed porcelain pieces can be used as a yearly holiday decoration and become a family heirloom passed down generation to generation.

Katherine Houston creates one-of-kind porcelain pieces, so you know that no one else will have decorations like yours. Plus, commissions are welcomed by the artist and are made to meet the client’s specifications and needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.

All American Pumpkin

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